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September 2023

As you may know and can check out in the “Software” section of my website, I maintain several applications for the GNOME desktop. GNOME 45 was released on September 20th, so new versions of my applications are expected.

New versions of Forge Sparks, Webfont Kit Generator, Share Preview and Diccionario de la Lengua were released last week, and here you can read about the important changes that have been made to these applications.

As a note before continuing, Blanket has had a new version in development for over a year, and may be released in October, but before that I need to figure out the fix for several issues.

Now let’s see what’s changed.

Forge Sparks

Forge Sparks 0.2.0 was released on September 20th.

This release includes several user interface improvements thanks to the GNOME Circle review.

The initial view has been improved for a better experience, and account management has been moved to a separate window for easier interaction. It has also been updated to match the style of GNOME 45.

A few bugs have also been fixed, making it a bit more robust.

And as mentioned at the beginning, Forge Sparks is now part of the GNOME Circle. Thanks to Brage Fuglseth and Sonny Piers for the great review.

Forge Sparks

Webfont Kit Generator

Webfont Kit Generator 1.1.0, released on September 25th, has also been updated to the GNOME 45 style. As a design change, the font options are now a utility pane instead of a separate view.

The application is in maintenance mode, but this release brings some small additions. Its Google Fonts importer now allows the use of v1 CSS API urls, meaning that if you have an old url, you can import it without going back to Google Fonts. Base64 support has also been added, so you can now embed the fonts in the generated CSS file.

As always, this update also includes small bug fixes.

Webfont Kit Generator

Diccionario de la Lengua

Diccionario de la Lengua 0.3.0, released on September 26th, contains only minor updates to follow the new GNOME 45 look and feel. It now has a permanent history sidebar if the window is wide enough.

Diccionario de la Lengua

Share Preview

Share Preview 0.4.0, released on September 29th, adds two new services to the preview, Discourse, the self-hosted forum/discussion platform, and LinkedIn.

It also adds the ability to open multiple instances of the application, along with some minor cosmetic improvements and internal code refactors.

Share Preview